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AD – This is an advertorial but all thoughts are my own opinion. I took CBD oil for anxiety symptoms every day and it has literally changed my life! I have tried different CBD products before and I didn’t notice many effects, at least not ones that made me want to continue using them every single day. But when Devoted Oils offered to send me a bottle of their 20% CBD oil, I thought why not give it another chance. A quick snoop on the Devoted Oils website gave me faith in their product, enough to give it a try. I am so happy that I did.

The benefits of taking CBD oil every day changed my mental and physical health in a short time, under a week actually. I took CBD oil every day for my anxiety and it has become an important part of my daily routine because of just how positive the impact has been. Here is my ultimate guide to CBD oil for anxiety!

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What is CBD oil?

I believe it is important to understand more about the tools we choose to use for support of our minds and bodies. It’s important to understand more about CBD oil and how it works. CBD (cannabidiol) is the active ingredient in CBD oil, occurring naturally in the hemp plant where it is extracted from its leaves and flowers.

Contrary to some misinformation out there, CBD does not produce a high sensation and it is not psychoactive, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is not a drug and it will not get you high. I still think it’s magic though!

CBD oil has been increasingly falling under the gaze of scientists seeking to prove its benefits, and the story of how Devoted Oils began demonstrates how supportive it can be for our health and wellbeing. The founder of Devoted Oils discovered the possibilities of CBD oil whilst researching natural pain remedies for her mum’s osteoarthritis. Her mum found her pain reduced after trying CBD oil and in turn reduced her use of pain killers. How’s that for a result?!

Does using CBD oil for anxiety actually help?

Does CBD work? I tested it for a week to help my anxiety. The answer is a resounding yes! It is proven to ease anxiety and stress. I’m doing my PhD right now so my life is essentially just anxiety and stress. I struggle to relax and my mind is constantly on. I am basically anxiety personified.

I was so intrigued by all of the reviews and stories about how beneficial CBD oil is for relieving anxiety symptoms. Truthfully, I wasn’t entirely convinced that it would work for me (I wasn’t even sure how it would work), but I went for it. So here’s how to use CBD for anxiety. Popping one drop under my tongue, I held it there for a minute to let it absorb and then I waited to see if I felt any differences. (TIP: If you aren’t sold on the taste of the CBD oil, pop a piece of chocolate under there too!)

About 45 minutes later, I started to feel very calm. I could actually feel my body relaxing. Honestly, I think my body and brain were a bit shocked that I was feeling so chill and I ended up just lying down and having a nap. LOL! Just to mention, this isn’t a regular occurrence when I take CBD oil but it must have been exactly what I needed at that moment. I took a second drop before bed, and had the best sleep I have had in a long time.


How CBD oil works for anxiety

These are some of the experiences I have had whilst using CBD oil for treating anxiety. I often get asked: what are the benefits of CBD? So here are my answers!

I sleep better

Rest is vital and I usually take a nap in the daytime. I think we place far too much shame on rest. But, I am incredibly privileged to work from home so I know that being able to take time for rest is much easier for me. I often nap when I am feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. It is part of how I process and move forward.

Since I started taking CBD oil for anxiety, I have needed to nap a lot less. I feel less tired and this is an amazing improvement for me. I sleep better and I am also sleeping a little less. I wasn’t expecting to have such improvements in my sleep but it’s incredible. I even noticed that I am clenching my teeth less while I’m sleeping. Taking CBD oil to treat anxiety has actually made me realise just how much anxiety impacts my sleep!

My stomach pain is gone

My stomach is where a lot of my stress and anxiety manifests. It’s been this way since I was a child. And honestly, I had pretty much accepted that after 30 years of trying different things that it was going to always be there. Since I started to use CBD for anxiety, it’s gone. My stomach just feels calm and relaxed. I know that sounds strange but that’s the only way I can describe it. I feel so much healthier and I am almost certain this is one of the reasons my sleep has improved so much. Plus I can focus on things more easily without having stomach pain. It’s really great.

My skin is improving

Wave your hand if you get skin breakouts because of stress or anxiety. *WAVES* Hi, Friend! Me too. My skin literally shows how anxious or stressed I am. It’s like one big anxiety map written all over my face. Within the first week of using CBD oil for anxiety, my skin improved dramatically. It felt less dry and flaky and it was noticeably brighter!

BONUS – my breakouts started disappearing. Aside from one little sneaky breakout recently, these positive effects have been pretty consistent. In fact, I have been so thrilled with my new skin condition that I started a proper skincare routine to support it even more. Something I have never done in my life before because I just didn’t see the point!

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My brain works better

It can often be quite a struggle for me to focus and it feels like there is a fog in my brain just stopping it from working properly. I should say when I can get my brain powered up that I usually end up hyper-focused and can produce some fantastic work. But that was usually a really difficult place to get to. Not exactly ideal when you are doing a PhD and need to read and think a lot. Sometimes even being able to make decisions is difficult and then I spend ages just sitting doing nothing.

But this happens much less often now and the only thing I can put it down to is CBD oil. It’s like it clears away some of the fog and blocks in my mind. It has really improved my ability to focus and for longer periods of time.

Don’t worry about a thing

Stick your hand up if you worry, like a lot? *HANDS UP* Me too! About everything and anything. Definitely some strange things. I hate stormy weather because I just sit completely anxious for the entire duration. This kind of worrying is more than just general daily worries for me. It’s very intense and often intrudes on my ability to actually live and do things.

This has eased since I started used CBD oil for anxiety. I worry much less. I can usually see if I am spiralling into intrusive thoughts and anxieties, which is new and so beneficial. My mind races much less and in turn my body feels much calmer. I am holding tension way less!

Does CBD actually reduce anxiety? Would CBD help with anxiety? Can CBD help with my anxiety? However you are asking the question about using CBD oil for anxiety, then my answer will be yes. I have experienced incredibly positive changes to my mind and body whilst using this product. I feel like I have found a great tool to support my health. CBD oil has so many benefits (beyond support for anxiety) and it is a supplement that I highly recommend as worth trying.


What is the best time of day to take CBD oil for anxiety?

Personally, I take CBD oil for anxiety in the morning and in the evening. I have also occasionally taken a drop during the day if I am feeling particularly tense or stressed, or if I have something coming up that is making me feel extra anxious (presentations anyone!?). A lot of people take it in the morning, often alongside other vitamins, because it fits neatly into their routine.

But the morning isn’t for everyone! Some people prefer to take it before they go to bed, at lunch time or even with dinner. It really depends on you. Taking it in the morning can make you feel alert and help focus the mind, and that is often what people who take it at lunchtime describe too. I can relate to needing a boost for that afternoon slump. Taking it in the evening can help you feel relaxed and support your mind to wind down before sleep.

The best approach is to try it at different times and see how it makes you feel. This is a tool to support you when you are feeling anxious, so the ideal time to take it is all about what feels best for you.

How long do you need to take CBD oil for anxiety?

There is a question that comes up time and time again about using CBD oil for anxiety. How long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety?

This is personal to you and depends on how you are using CBD as a tool to support your anxiety. I take CBD oil daily because I want to keep a consistent level of CBD oil in my body to retain constant benefits. Other people prefer to take when they have symptoms or when things feel a little worse. Remember, this is a tool to support you and only you will know how it makes you feel and when it works best for you. Plus, you can always change your approach to better suit your needs.

Where can I get CBD oil?

The best CBD oil for anxiety (UK) is definitely Devoted Oils, in my opinion. I have tried several brands over the years and none of them have provided me with the positive effects like this CBD oil has. It also tastes by far the best of any CBD oil I have tried.

I personally recommend a higher dose CBD oil (I use 20% CBD oil). However, Devoted Oils offer a range of full spectrum CBD oils that will provide the maximum positive benefits for you. Devoted Oils will remain a non-negotiable part of my daily routine. Here is the CBD oil for anxiety that I use:

Is CBD oil legal and safe?

I am based in Northern Ireland and can confirm that CBD is legal in the UK. (Please check the regulations for your country wherever you are based). The CBD products must meet certain standards and criteria to be classed as legal for human consumption.

CBD oil must not contain more than 0.2% THC to be sold legally in the UK. THC and CBD are from the same plant, but CBD oil should contain zero (or minimal) THC to be legal. CBD oils from Devoted Oils contain 0% THC! It’s so important to buy CBD oil from a trusted website or shop, like Devoted Oils. They publish the lab results of tests to show the exact levels of all compounds present in every product.

CBD is safe to consume, but it can interfere with medications so it is important to always consult with your doctor before use. People experience CBD in different ways so it’s imperative to always consult your doctor before using CBD products. Devoted Oils provides further information on legal questions and safety in their CBD disclaimer.

Get your oil!

So there you have it. My review of the best CBD oil in the UK 2021: Devoted Oils 2000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

My experience using CBD oil for anxiety has been so positive and I am so glad to have this space and opportunity to share that with you. Do you think you will give it a try? Have you already tried using CBD oil for anxiety? What are your experiences? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave some comments below and thanks for reading.

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