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Blogging can be a tough gig. When I started, I was pretty certain that all I needed to do was create my blog and write a few posts and BOOM – passive income. But it isn’t quite that simple. People need to be able to find the blog, and that can take time and effort with things like SEO. But there is one way you can start driving traffic to your site almost immediately – Pinterest! I was somewhat sceptical initially when I kept reading blog posts and articles about how amazing Pinterest was for bloggers, but I was wrong. Now I just can’t believe how long I waited before putting serious effort into Pinterest. Blogging can be tough, so I want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your blogging goals and income goals. Keep reading to find out how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest.

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Here are my top 5 tips on how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest:

Titles & Descriptions

Catchy titles and descriptions are one of the easiest ways to get people to click on those pins and actually make it to your blog! It’s a good idea to think of some different titles from your actual blog post and write a short description for each pin. Think of what makes you click on pins, and check out what some of your favorite bloggers are doing on their Pinterest accounts for some ideas.

Make It Easy To Pin From Your Blog

If you look at each of my blog posts, I have a Pinterest image at the top of every single post. This is to make it easy for visitors to pin this post, which will drive even more traffic to my site. To do this, just visit Pinterest and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Regular Pinning

Creating a schedule for pinning and sticking to it is one of the most important, but toughest things to do. I highly recommend Tailwind, a scheduling tool that is a Pinterest partner, to make this a lot easier. You can upload and schedule pins for weeks and months ahead, at intervals that work best for your account using Tailwind. I spent months missing days and pinning opportunities because some days I just didn’t have time to do it – that was until I signed up to Tailwind. Now I have pins scheduled every single day and my blog traffic is amazing.

Tailwind have an amazing offer – if you signup to the Plus plan and pay annually you will get FOUR MONTHS FREE! If you use this link, you will get $15 credit on top of this, which is another free month. So that is 5 free months! How incredible is that. Don’t wait – join Tailwind today and start driving amazing Pinterest traffic!

Pin Designs

Pinterest loves fresh pins. This means that creators like you and me need to be constantly updating our pin designs, titles and descriptions to get the maximum possible exposure on Pinterest. I recommend using Canva to design your pins, and include some paid stock photos. If you use Canva Pro then you won’t need to pay a separate subscription to a stock photo site. Free images are okay, but they can play havoc with your Pinterest views so I recommend using paid images. You can get a free trial of Canva Pro here. It is amazing for pin designs, blog logos and more! It’s the only design tool I use.

This constant pin design can be exhausting! That is where Pinterest templates come in. These make life so much easier! You can take a pin template and create a pin for every blog post on your site, and you can even create variations! My favorite pin templates are these pack of 86 affordable, traffic-boosting and beautiful templates from EllDuclos – she is the Pinterest Queen as far as I am concerned. These templates have saved me time and brought me incredible traffic. Get your pin templates here!

Take a course

Seriously, invest in your blog and yourself. It will save you heaps of time and energy. Learning from experts and people who are doing it already is how we build a solid foundation for our own work. Investing in my favorite Pinterest course, Pinterest with Ell, literally transformed my blog and kick-started my passive income journey, a huge element of my freedom lifestyle plan! I learned how to create my own consistent and effective pin strategy, design amazing pins, use Pinterest keywords to maximise views and so much more!

Why should I take a course on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a big place with a lot of techniques and suggestions. I spent so long trying to take pieces of information from other blog posts, free courses, emails. I wasted a huge amount of time because I was afraid to invest in my blog. Maybe I just didn’t entirely believe the possibilities it could bring? wanted to, but investing and spending money was scary. Aside from setting up my blog, a Pinterest course was the first thing I invested in for my blog and it was the BEST money I have ever spent. I consistently see results and I am on my way to a substantial passive income made from doing something I love!

The only Pinterest course I recommend is Pinterest With Ell.

Pinterest With Ell will help you to master Pinterest and increase your website traffic and sales. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this course, but it is so in-depth. I keep going back to the course materials (because you get lifetime access!) to review things and make sure I am putting the incredible teachings into practice. Here are some of the amazing things you will learn as described by Pinterest With Ell:

  • How to properly set up your Pinterest for Pinterest SEO
  • Discover how to find keywords to help you rank higher in searches
  • How to create a click worthy pin & make sure you are getting the traffic you deserve
  • How to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest (including how often to pin, where to pin, how not to pin and more)
  • A detailed step by step guide on how to make Tailwind work for you and your blog
  • How to make money on Pinterest
  • & so many helpful tips to keep in mind when you are Pinning!

Check out these results:

By following the strategies from Pinterest With Ell, I have had pins go viral and achieve stats like this:

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest Viral Pin HappyIs HappyIs.co Happy Is Co

My Pinterest Monthly Unique Viewers have increased and keep increasing as long as I maintain the strategies!

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest Monthly Unique Viewers HappyIs HappyIs.co Happy Is Co

My blog traffic has increased, which is an amazing testament to the course as the most important metric is clicks and visits to the blog!

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest Google Analytics HappyIs HappyIs.co Happy Is Co

If you want results like this, then you just have to check out Pinterest With Ell! I’m serious – it’s the best Pinterest course around and I use the teaching materials every single week!

Will I really learn how to increase my blog traffic with Pinterest?

Pinterest with Ell is jam-packed with content, and it is regularly updated with even more amazing information (including when the Pinterest algorithm changes!). BUT, it is up to you to take action on what you learn. Pinterest with Ell makes it so simple to put the teachings from this course into practice to see quick results.

Learning how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest couldn’t be easier!

Sign-up to Pinterest with Ell today and watch your blog traffic increase, just like mine did! I hope you found some of these tips and recommendations useful. What are your favorite Pinterest tips?

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