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Welcome to the plank challenge for beginners! By the end of this 30-day challenge, you will have strengthened your core and be able to hold a plank for 180 seconds (three minutes). If you are the type of person who loves to smash goals, then focus on that three-minute target and this challenge will get you there! BUT, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself that there is no way that you would be able to do that, then ignore the three-minute goal. All you need to think about is strengthening your core and all the benefits that will bring you. (Remember, these benefits?)

With this plank program, you will build your core strength consistently with a short daily practice. This challenge doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day, so it will be easy to fit into those busy schedules. You don’t even have to change into workout gear! It’s THAT simple.

Are you ready to get started? All the details, tips and techniques you need to get stuck into this challenge are below. There is even a free plank challenge calendar download to guide you through the challenge.

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But I have never planked before! But I can already plank for three minutes!

Whether you have never planked before, or you have planked for three minutes or longer, you can easily take part in this challenge.

The times on the calendar are recommendations to guide you through. They are not a rule. Each individual will start from their own point, and that is crucial. If you can’t plank for 5 seconds, don’t worry! This challenge is not about making your body do things that it isn’t ready for, or making you feel bad about yourself. This challenge is about strengthening your core which is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. You can read more about that here. Hold your first plank for as long as you can then push yourself to beat that the next day, even if it is only by one second. That is still incredible progress.

If you can plank for longer than three minutes, then firstly let me congratulate you on building a strong core! That is amazing. Why not set yourself your own goal to achieve in thirty days?

I have included a blank copy of the 30-day plank challenge for beginners’ calendar in the download so you can record your own results and plan your own challenge.

Download and print your Plank Challenge for Beginners calendar here!

How to plank

Planking is a simple exercise to practice and your focus should be on the finer details of your form during the exercise.

  1. Get into a press-up position with your arms directly underneath your shoulders.
  2. Straighten your body by pushing your weight onto your forearms.
  3. Make sure your body is as straight as it can be.
  4. Tighten your core muscles as this will keep your body straight.
  5. Don’t drop your head and keep breathing throughout the duration of the plank.

This picture demonstrates a basic plank with the correct form. This is important to follow as it will prevent any injuries and will maximise the effectiveness of this exercise to strengthen your core muscles.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional prior to undertaking any new exercises if you have any health conditions or mobility issues. There are adapted exercises suitable for each individual that are available.

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Benefits of planking

Planking has a lot of benefits. It is a full-body workout, using your core, shoulders, arms and legs!

  • Planking strengthens your core muscles which are connected to almost every movement your body makes. Having a strong core makes our basic movements and daily activities easier. Read more about the importance of a strong core here.
  • Planking improves your posture and balance. We are so used to sitting or slouching at our laptops, our desks or even watching television. Planking means we focus on keeping our bodies straight, and by strengthening our core it becomes easier for us to maintain that.
  • Planking feels great! I never enjoyed exercise in any form before I started planking. But feeling my body get stronger and noticing the benefits of a strengthened core made me feel great and more confident in myself and my ability to do anything!

Plank Challenge for Beginners calendar download

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Are you ready to start the plank challenge for beginners?

Start your journey to a strengthened core today and feel the physical, mental and emotional benefits. Have you started the challenge? I would love to hear your experiences of the plank challenge for beginners.

Start your journey to freedom and simplicity here.

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