Vision Board

Does this sound familiar?

You know you should start creating better vision boards to create your dream lifestyle BUT…

  • You’re not sure you have the design skills or creativity
  • You have ZERO time
  • You’re worried it won’t work properly
  • You feel like you don’t know how to design the life you want
  • You’re not sure what a vision board is
  • Or how to create it…

I’d like to make your life a little easier with this



This Vision Board eBook and templates are for you if…

You have lots of ideas, goals, Pinterest boards filled with your plans, but you have absolutely no idea where to start to take action on these.

Every day you wake up with amazing ideas and dreams, but you get sucked into your daily tasks and forget about them.

You are ready to take action to create the life you desire and deserve, but you aren’t sure you have the time or energy to put into it.

Imagine if…

  • You could be supported with an easy, step-by-step guide to create a vision for your ideas, goals, Pinterest boards that can be put into action?
  • You had a place to put those daily dreams and ideas to allow you to focus on them intentionally and make them come true?
  • With almost no effort you could use affirmations and visualisation every day to turn your plans and ideas into reality?
  • You finally manage to create the life you desire and deserve!


Why should I create a vision board anyway?

Vision Board is a step-by-step guide to create a unique vision board. This is designed to guide you as you create your future with intention. The steps are easy-to-follow and there is space for notes and ideas throughout as you design your vision for the future. Vision boards are your own personal source of inspiration and motivation. They enable you to put your dreams and desires out into the world.

Take control of your future today and manifest your dreams through the power of a vision board.

What is included in Vision Board?

20+ pages of prompts, practical steps and templates to create your own authentic and unique vision board.

How will I receive Vision Board?

Vision Board is a digital product that will be delivered to your email once your purchase is completed. No products will be shipped to you.

Can I print Vision Board?

You may download files to your home computer or other electronic device and/or print them yourself or from a printing service in your local area.
Colours may vary with printing or computer/device display.

How may I use this product?

This product is for personal use only. You may reprint this product for personal use as many times as needed.
These files are downloadable files delivered over email making all sales final and non-refundable.

Sound good?

Ready to create a vision for your life with intention, manifest your dreams & desires, and live the life you deserve?!

These files are downloadable files, delivered over email. All sales are final and non-refundable.